Vaginal Herpes Symptoms, Causes And Treatment With Valtrex

Women are often left red faced when the find out from their doctors that they have been infected by a case of vaginal herpes. Vaginal herpes is a serious issue since there has been no cure found for vaginal herpes so far. It becomes difficult to cope with such a difficult disease that occurs in a very private area of the body. Further the problem is enhanced by the fact that you have to live with this condition as it cannot be treated. But, medical science has made rapid strides and it is possible to live comfortably with such a condition by making it somewhat inactive by the use of anti viral agents like Valtrex.

The symptoms of vaginal herpes can be seen differently from one person to another but are generally similar to any other kind of genital herpes. Herpes simplex 2 is the virus responsible for vaginal herpes. Painful outbreaks of vaginal herpes are experienced for more than ten times a year while some will experience it for two to five times. In some cases there may be one major outbreak and then it may be dormant for a long period of time before another outbreak. The frequency of painful outbreaks for vaginal herpes depends on a number of factors like stress, immunity, and lifestyle.

Vaginal herpes is mainly accompanied by an itch or tickle in the beginning near the area of the infection. Body aches, symptoms of flu and pain in the muscles are also seen at the initial stages. It would be wise to consider treatment like taking antiviral drugs like Valtrex at this stage to lower the odds of the virus spreading and reproducing. Valtrex is most preferred over home remedies as it is a very efficient antiviral agent. Your doctor can guide you through the finer points of how to use this medication to obtain the best results. The sooner you act against this condition the better it is from a psychological point of view to get used to this condition and live a normal life by suppressing the condition. Be committed to the treatment of vaginal herpes by keeping the area of infection clean. This reduces the chance of the infection spreading from that area to other parts. Following a treatment procedure as per the doctor will result in the removal of blisters in the area and increase the chance of healing as well.