Valtrex – a great way to fight herpes

We want to share a quite detailed description of some less common but very useful medicine. It is Valacyclovir – a very efficient and inexpensive antiviral drug. The most common name: Valtrex. Feedback is good enough; the drug is not new and fairly tested.

Numerous reviews on how to buy Valtrex online appeared in the net long ago. Last week, I just had to try the remedy personally. To my deepest surprise, the thing I’ve always called spring fever was classified by a doctor as natural herpes (not to mix up with a sexually transmitted disease). This year, I really wanted to fight cold sore on my lip. Prior to a decision to buy Valtrex without prescription, my dermatologist suggested a course of two weeks once a day.

Honestly, the result topped all expectations. The drug turned to contain a fragment that belongs to the herpes virus. Unlike antibiotics, it just fights a virus, as they say, by means of a competitive immunity. That is, ONLY virus is to die, while your natural microflora faces no negative changes.

To tell the truth, I’m not into all these scientific debates. Want to order generic Valtrex? I then safely declare of the lack of side effects. Though, the annotation warns the drug is contra-indicated in renal failure diseases and during breast-feeding.

Pharmacies of the United States and the European Union offer Valacyclovir at dosages of 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000mg.

What are the main advantages of Valtrex herpes treatment?

In contrast to other antiviral drugs, Valacyclovir does not just stop, but blocks the multiplication of herpes simplex virus.

To treat recurrent herpes, 2 pills a day are enough (against 5 pills of acyclovir). Intake of fewer pills reduces the risk of missed doses, while increasing the effectiveness of treatment and reducing drug-induced stress on the body.

To treat recurrent genital herpes, a patient takes two pills of Valacyclovir for 3 days, compared to 5 pills of Acyclovir for 5-10 days. In suppressive therapy, a patient takes 500 mg of rather cheap Valtrex a day (against 800 mg of Acyclovir within the same period). Liver faces less stress.

Valacyclovir causes no intestinal dysbiosis, while being compatible with alcohol and car driving. It provides no negative influence on one’s immune and endocrine system, as well as the ability to conceive. The drug Valtrex online pharmacy offers can be combined with most other medicines. No bad effect on memory, attention and speed of reaction.

No teratogenic and mutagenic effect.

In most cases, the drug is quick and efficient to fight genital herpes, cold sore on lips and shingles.