Valtrex Is A Great Anti Viral Agent For The Treatment Of Herpes

Herpes is a very embarrassing medical condition to deal with for any person. Genital herpes is developing into a big problem steadily and there are many reasons that lead to this medical condition. Herpes is caused by the virus called as herpes simplex virus. It can be treated with the help of drugs mainly constituting of antiviral agents. The herpes simplex virus multiplies further worsening the condition. The job of these antiviral agents is to block the virus from multiplying.

Some of the antiviral agents are famciclovir and valacyclovir. These antiviral medicines help in combating genital herpes by stopping the virus from growing. Antiviral agents like Valtrex reduce the severity of the virus and reduce the time of recovery from genital herpes. Antiviral agents contain the virus and also help in cutting down the period for which painful symptoms occur as well as the period in which the infection may spread. An antiviral agent like Valtrex will show maximum effects when taken right after the first symptoms of genital herpes like pain and tingling sensation are noticed. It helps in lowering the number of times the herpes virus may attack the patient.

Valtrex has the antiviral agent valacyclovir which becomes acyclovir once it reaches the liver and the intestine. It acts for a longer time against the virus and blocks it from spreading to other parts of the body. This antiviral agent is better suited for the body and more effective. Since it is adapted by the body easily it does not distract the daily functions inside the body ad overall activities of the patient in day to day life. It has to be taken orally to boost the resistance against the virus causing genital herpes. It is also effective in the treatment of cold sores. It suppresses genital herpes and stops it from coming back. Valtrex is very useful against genital herpes as it is a good antiviral agent. The antiviral agent does a necessary function of suppressing the herpes virus and not letting it to synthesize. This blocks the virus from regenerating and reproducing.Warnings, once the virus becomes inactive it also serves the purpose of making sure that it does not occur again. It is one of the best prescription drugs available in the market and is endorsed by doctors as well as drug stores alike.