As we all know, Valtrex is the effective way to treat genital herpes, cold sores and chicken pox. The medication Valtrex is also known as Valacyclovir hcl. Herpes virus spread very brutally by sharing things, kissing, sexual intercourse, and many more. Generic Valtrex is called as Valacyclovir. That is used in treating cold sores appearing on lips, face, arms and also around one’s genitals. The basic notion is, herpes treatment cannot be termed as ‘forever good’ because outbreaks can keep coming again and again. The two types of herpes can be treated very easily with medicines: Herpes zoster & herpes simplex. However, when it comes to genital herpes, it does helps with it, but it takes long time comparatively.

Treat it with Valacyclovir

This herpes treatment is been recommended by physicians as it is the most effective solution to treat the disease. Herpes virus multiply very fast and are highly contagious. They breed on human skin and they are very fast spreading. Once affected with herpes, it’s an ongoing battle to completely get rid out of it. Thus, care must be taken to eradicate the first signs of herpes. One should order this medication immediately if one feels marks of herpes symptoms.

Not just herpes

Also, herpes is not the only thing that is being treated with Valtrex Valacyclovir. As said earlier in article, among twelve year olds, Medication is used to treat cold sores too. The cold sores can be very exhilarating and punishing at times. It is caused due to various factors like touch of herpes infected adults to children.

Valtrex Warnings

Herpes can be used by all age groups. But there are some underlying conditions: the patient should be sufferer of herpes or cold sores, or chicken pox. Now, if one is already prescribed with some other medications, he/she should avoid medicine intake without prescription. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before taking this pills to avoid any possible risks of side effects. This is highly penetrating medication in human body, and if not taken with proper care, side effects can likely occur.

Side effects of medication according to FDA report

The side effects that are occurring due to Valacyclovir use (according to Adverse reporting System, FDA) are:

The overdose or malfunction can lead one’s mind in confusional state. It is very troublesome state as one may not understand what’s happening around. Some of the patients reported with confusional state say they felt like they are in maze and even had felt like their mind is two types. Basically its multiple personality disorder in its baby stages. Thus, The medication must be taken only in its limited quantities as being in confusional state of mind can result in many more problems.

The eyesight gets weaker and some people may feel loss of light in front of eyes. There is darkness in front of eyes and ultimately temporary or sometimes permanent loss of vision. If one feels if eyesight is being affected by this medicine consumption, there are some sterile drops available that can nullify the side effects on eyes, but only after consultation of medical guide.

One may feel like possibility of forced dreams in conscious state. One may be awake still one may feel (s)he’s in state of sleep. It leads to fear and scares in persons. Sometimes it can also cause mental imbalances.

There are many more side effects if Valtrex that are mentioned in FDA report. But the above mentioned are the most side effects.

But do not worry; they only occur if they are not taken with proper recommendation. Else, everything’s just fine.